Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Canada Post is on Strike

For all ClearDent customers who normally send payment via mailed cheque, please be aware that the Canada Post strike may affect the ability or timing of your sent payment. In order to avoid any difficulties and possibly additional fees, we are recommending that customers choose one of the following two options for reliable payment:
  1.  Use our online secured payment system, www.cleardent.com/pay
  2. Contact our account department  to setup automated payment plan by phone (ext 3) or email billing@cleardent.com

Monday, June 13, 2016

Support Newsletter June 2016 Issue

EOB Auto Adjustment

Did you know that starting from ClearDent version, 9.2.18, “same day” EOB response from the insurance carrier can automatically adjust the patient's ledger? Select the “enable EOB Auto Adjustment” check box by following these steps:
Configurations > Practice Information > EDI tab.
NOTE: this feature only supports “same day” adjustments, which means if you submit a past transaction, it will not automatically adjust on the patient’s ledger.

Predetermination Shortcut in Charting

Printing and sending EDI for predetermination requires fewer clicks now that you don’t need to open the treatment plan. While you are in charting, right click on the treatment and select “Print Predetermination” or “Send EDI Predetermination” to send the EDI to the insurance carrier.

Copy and Paste on Scheduler

You can now copy and paste an appointment in Scheduler! Right click on the appointment and select the copy option, move your cursor to any other time frame you would like, right click again and select the paste option to paste the selected appointment at the new time.
Have questions about these new features? Want to check your current version and schedule an upgrade to the latest version of ClearDent? Please contact the Support team to get answers and schedule your free upgrade.
NOTE: while the upgrade is free, scheduling for the upgrade with our Support team is provided on a first come, first serve basis and based on our capacity. Your patience and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.
Contact Support

Enter our Facebook Contest

We are giving away a $250 gift card along with 4 free hours of training in our#ClearAdvantage contest. Let us know what your favourite thing about ClearDent is and you could win!
Enter Contest Now
We are excited to announce that this July, we will be upgrading our ClearConnect feature to include direct, instant 2-way messaging to customers. Everyone using the texting feature in ClearConnect will automatically receive our ClearMessaging upgrade free of charge!

What is ClearMessaging?

ClearMessaging is a revolutionary way of communicating with patients by utilizing the texting capability in ClearConnect.
To start, you can send a message to the patient directly from within ClearDent. It will show up on the patient’s mobile phone as a text message from your dental practice[1]. The patient can reply via text and it will show up as a reply in ClearMessaging[2]. Perfect for quick reminders, friendly notes and quicker communication in a digital age!
ClearMessaging in ClearDent
How patient sees the messages
Further, you can send messages to a group of patients if there is an opening in the schedule, which is a very effective way to reduce production loss due to no-shows or cancellations.
And there’s more! ClearMessaging is tightly integrated with ClearDent and ClearConnect, so patient photos are shown in the messaging window for easy identification. Contact history is also listed in the same window for you to review.
Tell Me More

How do I get it?

This feature will be released alongside the major release in July.  Watch out for the announcement on our blog or in your ClearDent, and contact support to schedule the upgrade.
Please note that this feature will require ClearConnect with the text option enabled. If you do not currently have ClearConnect, feel free to contact sales for more information about ClearConnect.
[1] An additional monthly fee will be required to port the dental practice phone number to the mobile networks so that it can be used as the caller ID when the patient receives the message. This is a requirement by the telecommunication carriers in Canada. Further, some numbers may not be portable and porting will require at least 10 business days to take effect.
[2] Both sent and received messages will count towards your ClearConnect text plan and may increase your chance of incurring overage charge.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Be The First To Experience Our Mobile Seminar Centre!

For those of you who have not had a chance to attend a valuable ClearDent seminar, your time is now! ClearDent has reserved 2 separate booths at ASM 2016 specifically to serve you. The first booth (#1225) will be status quo with staff available for demonstrations and help for existing customers and interested future customers alike. The second booth (#1238) is where we are shaking things up. This booth is going to hold the first ever Mobile Seminar Centre for ClearDent. Here, we will be holding condensed versions of our popular seminars every hour with much of the useful information from our full length seminars condensed into just 10 minutes. There will be different seminar topics that you can choose between:
  1. Efficiency - From chair to desk in record time
  2. Automation - Have appointments confirm themselves
  3. Technology - Integrate iPads into your practice effectively
  4. Digital X-rays - Simple, secure and more accurate than ever
Which one are you most excited about?

After these seminars we are going to have our excellent trainers available to answer any questions you may have about ClearDent. They will even take the time to walk you through how ClearDent can be used to address an issue that is specific to your practice.

And, as a bonus, every person that attends a seminar at our Mobile Seminar Centre will be entered to win one of 2 iPad minis. And, every seminar that you attend will mean another entry! Some come for one seminar, or come for all 4! The more topics you learn about, the more you benefit.

See you at #ASM2016

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Backup Image Files and Documents to Save Yourself From Cyber-Attack.

Protect Your Information from Cyber Attacks

Recently we have seen some dental offices hit by the ransomware "CryptoLocker." A similar case also happened in California as recently as a few weeks ago.
Hackers may send malicious emails to your office mailbox, and if the link is clicked, all of your patients' documents and image files will be locked and encrypted without warning. This is followed by a message that will pop up on your screen asking you to pay them online in order to get the decryption code to unlock your data.

The best solution for you is:

  • Make sure you regularly backup your database, image files, and documents, and store the data using a cloud service such as ClearVault.  Alternatively, you can backup to a separate device, such as an external hard drive.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, click on a link that you are not sure about.  Even if you know the sender, if the link seems suspicious, you are opening yourself up to danger by clicking it.
  • Do not use the free antivirus that comes with Windows as it is not enough protection. Instead, use one of the commercial antivirus software with a high rating at av-test.org.

What to do if it happens to you:

  1. Contact your IT technician to access your backup data and restore your system to the most recently backed up state.
  2. If you don't have an IT technician or they are not able to help, feel free to contact ClearDent Support.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Support Newsletter January 2016 Issue

Support Newsletter

 New Features in ClearConnect

Are you using email and text to communicate with your patients to confirm their appointments, remind them of their upcoming recalls, or even follow up with them regarding their outstanding treatment plans?
In addition to more texts allowance at the same price and unlimited email, we have added the following features in our February update to the ClearConnectPatient Communication Service:
  • Add social media in the email and confirmation page to help you promote your practice's Facebook, Twitter, etc. to the patients
  • New email templates that makes your email look great on both PCs and SmartPhones
  • Same-day email / text for you to send survey to or request online review from patients that just came to your practice for their appointments - you are likely to get a response if the experience of the visit is still fresh
  • And many more enhancements
If you are already using ClearConnect and want to take advantage of these new features, please email support@cleardent.com to have one of our team members to set them up for you. These new features are part of ongoing enhancement and there is no cost.
If you are not using ClearConnect at this point and would like to find out more, please email info@cleardent.com and your representative will contact you to explain to you the benefits, costs, and considerations in using this service for your practice.

 Have TeamViewer ID Ready to Expedite Support

Press 2 when you call 1-866-253-2748 for Support 

Most of the time, when you require ClearDent support to assist you remotely, you can click the lifesaver icon within ClearDent software. This will install the remote control application “TeamViewer” at which point you will be asked to provide a 9 digit TeamViewer ID.
Microsoft Windows 10
However, in some situations, there are complications when logging into TeamViewer. In these cases you can go to cleardentsupport.com and click the blue button, “Connect Me.”
Microsoft Windows 10
This will download and launch the TeamViewer application and provide you with a 9 digit TeamViewer ID. Having this on hand before calling into ClearDent Support will help us support you quickly and efficiently.

  New ClearDent Training Videos Page

Searching for videos you are looking for is now easier than ever

Some of our customers have mentioned that it was difficult to sort through our training videos because we have produced over 200 videos to make it easier for you to learn what's new in ClearDent or refresh on some less frequently used features visually.
To address this, we have added a new feature to our ClearDent website.  An embedded keyword search engine in our training video library filters training videos to find exactly what you are looking for. It has never been easier to find exactly what you need!
Training Videos
Microsoft Windows 10

 Did you know?

Secure Paperless Online Payment

We now have an online payment system for you to easily make payments!

Simply visit www.cleardent.com/pay and enter fill out the form to pay your invoice. You will receive a receipt in your email almost immediately.

We are also using the latest encryption and security methods, so you do not have to worry about your information being compromised. ClearDent takes advanced measures to always remain protected.
Microsoft Windows 10

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Advanced User Training Classes in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto!

4 CE Credit Advanced User Training Classes

*6 months of experience with ClearDent is required

Your office will benefit from using more of the features that ClearDent has to offer. Learn to use your software effectively with Brandi Eckstein and your staff and patients will have to get used to how easy things become.

At this course, some of the topics that will be covered include:

  1. Newest Features - See what's new in ClearDent for desktop and mobile
  2. Mobile Application - Learn how the app allows for access any time
  3. System Navigation - Use ClearDent like a pro with expert tips and tricks
  4. Advanced Reports - Generating reports that provide important information
  5. Security Control - Set up specific user rights and understand audit reports
  6. Master Treatment Plans - Manage progression and book patients proactively