Friday, October 17, 2014

Support AboutFace at the Thompson Okanagan Dental Society Meeting 2014

Make Facial Difference No Difference

A Cause We Believe In

ClearDent has been partnering with AboutFace since 2011 to support their cause in encouraging, empowering, and educating Canadians born with or having later acquired facial differences.

As a member of the dental community, we understand how much our community can make a difference to Canadians with facial deformities via professional dental restoration, care, and financial support.

To that end, ClearDent encourages you to participate in our initiative to empower AboutFace. There are two ways you can easily support this great cause.

  1. We will be at the 2014 Thompson Okanagan Dental Society Meeting on Friday, October 24. If you are attending this event, please come see us at Booth 16 and fill out a ballot where ClearDent will donate $0.50 to AboutFace for each entry.
  2. If you cannot make the event, click here to contact us and book an in-office demo, and we'll donate $20.00 to AboutFace.

As well, please visit AboutFace online to learn more about their cause and what you can do to make facial difference no difference.


The ClearDent Team

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