Monday, February 24, 2014

Video of the Week: How Young Is Too Young For Athletes?

Video of the Week!

How young is too young for athletes? See how athletic training affects young individuals!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Support Quarterly Newsletter February 2014

What's Included In This Issue:

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IMPORTANT - Interim Support Survey

To help us better improve our support quality, we have created a mid-year, shorter support survey so we can gather your thoughts more frequently and better understand your concerns. Please take a moment to complete the survey. There are ONLY 5 QUESTIONS. Your opinion is important to us.

Click the link to complete the survey:

Support Tip #10: Existing ClearConnect Cients - You Can Increase Confirmations and Bookings Easily!

21-day and Recall Reminders

ClearConnect has been met with great success. Many dental practices have told us that administrative overhead costs have been reduced, due to not having to manually contact patients for their appointments. Patients have also been happy due to receiving reminders on their smart phones.

Did you know that you can send a ClearConnect reminder without the "confirm" button? We call it the 21-day Reminder. But why would you want to send a reminder without confirming?

When a patient has pre-booked their Recall and Hygiene appointment, it's typically done 3-6 months ahead, making it easy to forget the appointment altogether. This is where 21-day reminder becomes helpful. We can set it up so that all patients get a friendly reminder 21-days ahead, but cannot confirm (as some people may forget about the appointment if they confirm to far ahead). By doing this, the patient would now have "remembered" the appointment booked months ago, and are likely to confirm when the 7-day and/or 3-day notices are sent.

What about the patients who did not pre-book the Recall and Hygiene appointments? Did you know that the Recall Reminder function is included with ClearConnect? When done properly, patients will be calling you to book their own Recall and Hygiene appointments, which increases booking rate.

If you haven't been using it, please contact our support to schedule a time to set it up.

Impressive Landing Page Engages Patients Better

When a patient responds to an email or a text message sent by ClearConnect, s/he will be directed to a web page so that patient knows the action has been acknowledged. This web page is called the Landing Page. The most common scenario is the landing page when patient confirms her/his appointment.

At its simplest form, the landing page can be just a paragraph thanking the patient for confirming the appointment. However, it can be much more!

An impressive landing page will contain the practice logo, links to the practice website, and social media, as well as beautiful imagery to give patient first class experience. Moreover, the landing page will automatically resize itself to fit the screen size of the device used by the patient to confirm the appointment, whether it's a PC or a phone.

Just like how we have beautiful pre-made templates for your emails and so on, we also have a template for an impressive landing page (see the image attached).

Please contact our support to schedule an update to your landing page.

NOTE: if you chose to use our template instead of custom design one yourself, we can only change the logo, link, and text. We cannot change the imagery and colour scheme.

Social Media Integration

Does your dental practice have social media? If you have just recently joined the social media outlets, or did not initially have it set up along with your ClearConnect, please contact our support today and have us update both the emails and landing page with links or widgets to your practice's social media pages!

Reduce the Impact of Canada Post Price Change

Canada Post will be increasing the prices of stamps from $0.63 to $1.00 on March 31, 2014.

With such a large increase in price, the cost of postal communication has gotten much more expensive. Consider how you communicate with your patients. Are you still using postcards to send Holiday, Birthday, New Patient greetings, and Appointment and Recall reminders on paper?

With ClearConnect, you are able to completely automate your patient communication. Use email and/or text messaging to communicate with your patients. Send greetings and newsletters, confirm appointments, and follow up to Recalls and Treatment Plans quickly and easily, and in ways that patients find convenient and impressive.

Some patients still prefer paper? No problem! You can exclude one or a set of patients from the system, and continue to use paper and phone to communicate. This is how ClearConnect help reduce the overhead in both labour and postage. It's a win-win! Contact us today for more information.

New Team Members

We're happy to introduce you the newest additions to our support team to better serve you!

New Support Team Member: Lindsay Cullen

Lindsay brings a unique combination of customer service and technical skill. She has spent the last 15 years working in front lines customer service, where her job was to guide people through technology, troubleshooting issues, and integrating systems. Lindsay has now made the move into a more technologically focused position by joining ClearDent but she isn’t going to forget her customer service roots.

A positive working relationship with clients starts by helping to build a trust between them and herself; this is her foundation for effective support. People find her easy to talk to, her patience is unending, and though you may hear her say "I don’t know" occasionally, it will always be followed up with "Let me find an answer for you."

She graduated at the top of her Help Desk Analyst class and now Lindsay is eager to show clients what she can do. Having grown up around computers since the early 90s, and acting as the family technician for almost as long, Lindsay is confident that her Excellent customer service skills, combined with a technical aptitude will help to polish her into a highly skilled ClearDent support member.

New Support Team Member: Kevin Pitura

As the newest member of the tech support staff, Kevin is already making an impression on clients with questions.

With his patient persona, Kevin is able to utilize his BCIT Computer Information Technology education to ensure that every inquiry is met with genuine interest. It's this friendly, efficient and personal approach that clients have come to appreciate when their business stumbles over technical difficulties.

Pacific Dental Conference 2014

We'll be hosting our annual PDC Party on March 5 @ Steamworks Microbrewery (Map)!

NEW AND BIGGER ROOM: The Uber Lounge! Guests will enjoy complimentary hors d'oeuvres and drinks while being immersed in one of the most spectacular backdrops in the world — the Vancouver Waterfront.

We're now 85% full! RSVP quickly if you'll be joining us in Vancouver:

Give Back to the Community!

ClearDent believes in making a difference and giving back to the community.

This year, we are supporting AboutFace and the Toothfairy Gala & BCDA Awards (beneficiary:Community Outreach Programs by UBC).

For every ballot entered, ClearDent will donate 30¢ each to support their causes. Also, every entry has a chance to win a $500 VISA Gift Card!

Click here to fill out a ballot and share the page using the social media buttons. Help us spread the words!

We LOVE to Hear from You

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please use the web feedback form on our website. Your input is sent in private to the management at ClearDent.

Keep in mind that the feedback form accepts complaints as well as compliments. Good or bad, we'd love to hear what you have to say.

Lastly, don't forget to follow us on one (or all) of the social media networks below to stay up-to-date!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Video of the Week: Washing Machine Butter

Video of the Week!

Ever wonder how to make homemade butter? Use your washing machine!

Be sure to visit each week for a new video!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Office Closed for BC Family Day

ClearDent will be closed on Monday, February 10th, for BC Family Day.

For only urgent emergencies, please page: 604-292-2268

For other support related questions, please leave a voicemail on our support line: 1-866-253-2748 x 2 or email us at

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