Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Key Principles in Planning Your Strategy on Going Paperless: Part 4

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Going Paperless is the single most effective change a dental practice can make. However, it is important to know that there is no standard cookie cutter path.

Every practice is unique, and the plan you create is always as unique as your practice.

More importantly, your plan of going paperless has to take into consideration of the ongoing risk management and the expected gain in profitability. In other words, your software system must account for growth and scalability while remaining secure and compliant.

ClearDent is a leader in the paperless dental practice management field, with years of experience helping thousands of professionals realize their aspirations and potential by switching to paperless.

We'd like to share our guiding principles, in a five part series.

Part 4. Efficiency

Having a fully integrated software system establishes the solid foundation needed for an efficient dental practice. How does ClearDent help dental practice realize the efficiency?

It comes down to how the information can be managed. ClearDent is able to electronically tie your clinical side to the administrative side. This enables you to understand the relation between treatment plans prescribed, the administrative needs of pre-authorizing those treatment plans, following up with them, and eventually booking them.  Essentially, ClearDent helps you "convert" patients who are needing treatment to patients who have booked their treatments with you.

For example, when you note a patients treatment plan in ClearDent's Electronic Charting module, the treatments you prescribed automatically becomes a treatment plan. You can then sequence the order of treatments and specify the unit of time required for each appointment on the spot. This information is then automatically presented to administration, whom can now submit the treatment plan for pre-authorization.

Enter ClearConnect, our automated patient communication system. As soon as the insurance returned the pre-authorization explanation of benefit, which means they have indicated the plan is accepted and will be paid, ClearConnect then automatically notifies the patient to book appropriate appointments with the dental practice.

For each booked appointment, ClearConnect will deliver confirmation notices via email, text, or phone to the patient, ensuring there are no missed appointments.

It's this kind of design on how data flows in a practice, and the holistic approach in dental business management, which enables ClearDent to be the most efficient system possible. Our ability to achieve this kind of efficiency is simply based on the fact that we designed our system to be fully integrated from the start.