Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Five Key Principles in Planning Your Strategy on Going Paperless: Part 5

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Going Paperless is the single most effective change a dental practice can make. However, it is important to know that there is no standard cookie cutter path.

Every practice is unique, and the plan you create is always as unique as your practice.

More importantly, your plan of going paperless has to take into consideration of the ongoing risk management and the expected gain in profitability. In other words, your software system must account for growth and scalability while remaining secure and compliant.

ClearDent is a leader in the paperless dental practice management field, with years of experience helping thousands of professionals realize their aspirations and potential by switching to paperless.

We'd like to share our guiding principles, in a five part series.

Part 5. Support

All great software systems must be backed up with a great support system. 

However, our support is not just simple call centre that you can call in when you run into trouble. We do our support proactively. In our view, support not only means solving your technical problems - it also means we support you in your success.

We understand that one of the challenges in any small business - dental practices included - is the need for staff re-training. Whether it's for new hires, a refresher on fundamentals, or to learn new features, a progressive dental practice grows just like a good software system evolves over time.

To that end, we offer low cost webinars, provide local training classes in major city centres across Canada, and provide FREE Health Checks rotating through different areas in Canada throughout the years.

It is this kind of commitment that answers why you'll love ClearDent - it's because we love ClearDent as well. Your success is our success.