Monday, November 4, 2013

Five Key Principles in Planning Your Strategy on Going Paperless: Part 1

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Going Paperless is the single most effective change a dental practice can make. However, it is important to know that there is no standard cookie cutter path.

Every practice is unique, and the plan you create is always as unique as your practice.

More importantly, your plan of going paperless has to take into consideration of the ongoing risk management and the expected gain in profitability. In other words, your software system must account for growth and scalability while remaining secure and compliant.

ClearDent is a leader in the paperless dental practice management field, with years of experience helping thousands of professionals realize their aspirations and potential by switching to paperless.

We'd like to share our guiding principles, in a five part series.

Part 1. Security

Security is a very broad concept, and how you feel about depends on your comfort level. At a minimum, we believe that a secure dental software should include access security and audit trail features.

A system with only access security is good, but it will require micromanagement on different permissions of certain users, and has a risk of being incorrectly configured.

With ClearDent, we have a role-based security option, meaning staff in the same role (e.g., CDA, Hygienist, etc.) can be assigned the same security settings in one go, but still give you the flexibility to customize any individual difference between staff if necessary.

An audit trail keeps track of all activity for each user, as well as each computer the action was performed on, regardless of what access permissions anybody has. This two-factor logging mitigates the potential of impersonation.

Furthermore, ClearDent supports timed lock (eg. in case a user has forgotten to log off), fast user switch, and manager override to prevent unauthorized use.

At ClearDent, we'd like to think a step further. Once you have gone paperless, your electronic data is mission critical to the operation of your practice. Security should not be just about how you can control access to your data, but also the overall protection.  That's why ClearDent offers an in-house cloud backup solution that's guaranteed to be always available when you need it.  Take a look at our ClearVault datasheet to see how it's cost effective and essential to any paperless dental practice.

Security is important to us, and we make all the strides to keep your information safe so you can practice without worry.

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