Thursday, May 30, 2013

ClearDent Tip of the Day #8: How to Add Missing Insurance Information to a Claim

How to Add Missing Insurance Information to a Claim

Sometimes, you decide to enter a claim in ClearDent with incomplete or missing insurance information because the patient did not have them available at the time of billing, but you are able to obtain those information from the patient later.

However, if you tried to submit the claim through EDI, you will get the following error message:

The reason is because the original claim had missing or incomplete insurance information and ClearDent therefore cannot prepare the claim for transmission over EDI.

Another way to tell is if you look at the claim listing on the ledger, you will notice there is not a line showing any insurance information.

To resolve this, we need to update the claim with proper insurance information that you’ve now obtained.

1. Click on Submit › Manual Claim while have at least a line in the claim of interest selected.

 2. After you click OK, you should now see a new line that indicates insurance information and claim status in the ledger at the bottom of the claim.

3. Now you can click Submit › EDI Claim (the same button as shown in the screenshot in step #1), and the claim will now go through EDI.

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