Friday, April 26, 2013

ClearDent Tip of the Day #7: How to Remove Duplicated Patients

Do you want to remove a duplicated patient? Here’s how to do it.

Scenario: You found two or more John Doe in ClearDent and confirmed they are actually the same person.

1. Find the John Doe with the least information.

2. Go to Medical tab. As you can see in the screenshot below, you need to make sure it’s empty and there isn’t any signed medical history. If there are any signed medical history, due to college record keeping requirement, it can no longer removed and you will have to make a sticky note on both the original John Doe and the duplicate John Doe that indicates these two John Doe’s are the same person.

3. Go to Ledger tab and make sure Ledger is also empty. If the ledger is not empty, and you have the security clearance and permission from your dentist to remove items on the ledger, you can first manually re-enter all the ledger items from the duplicate to the original, and then clean up the ledger in the duplicate’s file. 

NOTE: all ledger item creation and removal are tracked in the audit trail for college record keeping compliance.

4. Go to Treatment tab and again, check to ensure there is nothing in it. If there are, perform the same action as in step 3, ledger.

5. Next, go to the Documents tab. Again, you will also need to make sure that there are nothing in it. 

NOTE: if there are any signed document or locked documents, ClearDent will not allow you to remove the duplicate per college record keeping guideline. You will have to use the sticky note to cross reference as described in step 2.

6. Now, you need to go to the Contacts tab and remove all items in all three sections. 

NOTE: all addition/modifications/removal are tracked in the audit trail.

7. Finally, you have to click on Imaging and remove all the images provided that you have the security clearance in ClearDent and permission from the dentist. 

NOTE: all image addition/modification/removal are tracked in the audit trail, and if any images were removed, the original will be kept in a protected archive by ClearDent for college record keeping guideline compliance.

8. Once you emptied duplicate patient’s Medical tab, Ledger tab, Treatment Tab Documents tab, Contact Tab and Digital Imaging, you are ready to remove the duplicate patient from your database.

9. Go to Personal tab, click on Patient, and then click Remove. Once you click Yes, the patient will be deleted from your database.

Please make sure to choose a right duplicated patient file and confirm the patient is a duplicate. 

NOTE: deleted patient cannot be systematically restored. Instead, you will have to access the audit trail or seek assistance from our support to manually recreate the patient file in ClearDent.

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