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ClearDent Quarterly Newsletter - February 2013 Issue

ClearDent Quarterly Newsletter

February 2013 Issue

In October 2012, your software company was sent a survey regarding potential future system changes at Pacific Blue Cross. The project is moving ahead with implementation targeted for mid-2013 and would like to inform you so that your software is ready for the changes.


  • Support of Batch and Real-Time Claims
  • Additional CDAnet/DACnet Transactions
  • Support CDAnet/DACnet ‘Blue on Blue’ COB
  • Split Lab Fees on Paper and CDAnet/DACnet claims
Mid-2013 Future changes
Support of Batch and Real-Time Claims Pacific Blue Cross will continue to support CDAnet/DACnet transactions in Batch mode only. Analysis to move to Real Time adjudication will continue. We will send further communications with advance notice once we are ready and will work with the software vendors individually.
Additional CDAnet/DACnet Transactions Pacific Blue Cross will support the following additional transactions as of mid-2013:
  • Claim Reversals
  • Claim Reversal Response
Transactions “ Claim EOB” and
“Predetermination EOB” will be supported in a future phase when we move to Real Time adjudication.
‘Blue on Blue’
When a member has two Pacific Blue Cross plans (‘Blue on Blue’), the dental office would continue to only need to submit one claim to Pacific Blue Cross with both of the member’s plan identification information in the respective fields. Pacific Blue Cross would automatically process the claim under all active Pacific Blue Cross plans. This is the same as today.

Note: Pacific Blue Cross does not support electronic submission of secondary claims when the primary coverage is with another insurance carrier. These would need to continue to be submitted on paper
In a future phase, when Pacific Blue Cross moves to Real Time adjudication, we will use the Embedded Transaction as part of the Claim EOB and Predetermination EOB responses.

Split Lab Fee on Paper and
CDAnet/DACnet claims
Part one:
The Pacific Blue Cross Fee Schedules currently list the eligible amounts as a composite rate and do not publish the split between the professional & lab fee portions. In mid-2013, after the appropriate systems are in place, Pacific Blue Cross will publish a new fee schedule that does not use a composite rate. This means that Dental providers will have to submit both their paper and electronic claims with a separate professional fee and lab fee in order to be adjudicated correctly.

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TIP: Configuring Auto-Refresh on ClearDent's Scheduler

By default, ClearDent’s Scheduler is configured to automatically refresh between all the computers in your office.

This is how you can get instant notifications such as when you mark that a patient has arrived at the front desk, clinical staff sees the “Patient Arrived” flashing signals on their screen in real time!

However, this setting may be changed on one or more computers inadvertently or for specific reason at one point in the past but no longer applies now.

To re-enable this feature, open your ClearDent Scheduler, click Settings, and then Schedule Settings.  Navigate to the tab that reads “Other,” and change setting of “Auto Refresh Ever X min” to where X is any number other than zero.

We recommend 1 to 3 minutes as your value.  Too frequent will mean increased demand to the server’s processing power.  Too long, you may not get the updated information in time.

To access the Settings dialogue:

tip: configuring auto-refresh on cleardent's scheduler

To change the auto-refresh setting:

tip: configuring auto-refresh on cleardent's scheduler

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TIP: What to Do When You Are Not Able to Send Electronic Claims?

Question: I can’t send electronic claims, I keep getting an error that says “network related….in a timely manner”, how do I fix this?

Answer: The first thing you want to do is to check to see if the ITRANS program is running.  Although you can send electronic claims from any computer within the office, only one computer in the office actually has the ITRANS program installed on it. To find out which computer in the office has ITRANS installed go to the main screen of ClearDent and go to System>Configurations>Configure Practice Information. When the office Information window opens click on the EDI tab and then look at what it says for Computer Name. That will be the computer you need to go to in order to see if ITRANS is running.

electronic claims

Once you’ve identified which computer has ITRANS installed go to that computer and then look in the bottom right corner of the screen in windows to see if the ITRANS program is running, the icon will display as shown below highlighted in red.

If you do not see this icon then look for the ITRANS program icon on your desktop and double click on it to run it.

electronic claims

Another reason you may not see the ITRANS program running is because it may be configured to run as a windows service. To see if this is the case then from that same computer that ITRANS is installed on go to the start menu in windows and type “services.msc” and then look for the service name ICAService and make sure the status says “Started”.

electronic claims

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TIP: How to Renew ClearDent License

If your computers are connected to the internet and DO NOT see one of the following pop-ups, your license will be updated automatically.
tip: how to renewal cleardent license 1

How to:
This document will help you update your license key for another year.

1. On the sheet you will see a list of computer names as well as the product key for that computer. Go to any one of the computers, and click on Help – Activation Information.

Tip: How to renew ClearDent License
2. This will open the "Product Activation" window. Look on your "ClearDent™ License Renewal" sheet for the Computer Name on the top row of that window.
If you have the internet, you can click on the "Internet" button to update automatically, Click "Ok" to log off ClearDent. Make sure to press "Internet" again when next screen comes up as displayed:
Tip: how to renew cleardent license
tip: how to renew cleardent license

Otherwise click on "Phone" button, then type in the new Product Key that is on the sheet.

tip: how to renew cleardent license

3. When you have entered the key, click on Ok. You will see a message that says "Key saved, ClearDent™ needs to restart." click Ok. ClearDent will close and the key is updated.
tip: how to renew cleardent license
4. Repeat this process on all the computers. If you have any problems, give us a call at 1-866-253-2748 X 2 and we will be happy to assist you.

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