Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Season’s Greetings - A Reflection on Over 10 Years of ClearDent

The ClearDent team would like to wish you a very happy and festive holiday season.

This year has been a very special year for ClearDent as we celebrated our 10th anniversary!

ClearDent’s History

On September 22nd, 2012, ClearDent (Prococious Technology Inc.) marked its 10th anniversary! On behalf of ClearDent, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to our customers and our team.

No business becomes successful overnight. ClearDent had a humble beginning in 2002, when a group of passionate Simon Fraser University graduates realized that there was a demand for modern and innovative dental software in Canada.

Like many developers of the technology world, where legacies started in a basement (or a garage) and with recycled computers, ClearDent had its basement year and Frankenstein computer (pictured below) during its inception. 

Our founders pushed on, firmly believing that, by blending their passions with their work, they would be able to introduce a new kind of thinking and innovation to how dental professionals relate to the software they use.  They simply believed paperless was what the dentists needed long before the industry caught up.

Today, both ClearDent (the software) and Prococious Technology Inc (the company) are well respected among industry peers, customers, and by technology companies in other industries.

Stay Innovative
In 2010, ClearDent introduced ClearConnect (Automated Contact Manager) We believed that we could make the patient experience paperless as well.  With ClearConnect, dental practices can communicate with patient through text message, email and phone.  Patient responses are directly synchronized into ClearDent, reducing administrative overhead and improving patient loyalty and office productivity.

In 2011, ClearDent integrates its dental digital imaging and electronic charting components with companies such as Vatech (Grey Falcon), ImageLevel (CADI) and Carestream Dental (Kodak), just to name a few.  This deep integration allows us to offer dentists the ability to use 3D CBCT that’s fully integrated with our paperless workflow model, where you can see the CBCT studies, patient charts, clinical notes, and documents all together in one place.  We have also integrated our ClearConnect and Scheduler with companies such as Clinicbook, HealthAware, and others to enable online booking and various integrations with social media for dental practices interested in providing such functionalities to the patients.

And finally in 2012, we introduced our mobile components beginning with the KIOSK with more components to come into the mobile space.  Our innovation continues.

Giving Back to Our Community
We also recognize the importance of contributing to the dental communities, and we chose to donate our software to recognized dental organizations that provide dental services to the less privileged.

To-date, we have donated our software and provided parts of our service for free to:

  • H'ulh-Etun Health (Chemainus BC)
  • Qwemtsin Health Society (Kamloops BC)
  • Skwlax Welness Center (Little Shuswap BC)
  • South Fraser Community Services (Surrey BC)
  • Smiles Plus @ Machray School (Winnipeg MB)
  • Mount Carmel Clinic (Winnipeg MB)
  • Faculty of Dentistry’s Centre for Community Oral Health (CCOH), University of Manitoba (Throughout Manitoba and Northern Ontario)
  • Simcoe Muskoka Health Region (Muskoka ON)
  • Peterborough Health Region (Peterborough ON)
  • Saskatoon Public Health (Saskatoon SK)
  • The Aga Khan University Hospital (Nairobi, Kenya)
We also run fundraising campaigns at trade shows and conferences. Instead of just giving away prizes, ClearDent makes a donation for each ballot filled out by visitors. This season, we are supporting AboutFace, a not-for-profit organization for people with facial deformities needing treatment.

ClearDent & AboutFace at TAD Winter Clinic (from AboutFace Facebook)

As the leader in the dental practice management software, we are committed to and strive for excellence in software development and services.  We hope to grow with your dental practice for the next 10 years and beyond.

With thoughts and reflections on our achievement, we sincerely invite you to help us become better by sending us your thoughts and comments when you can.  You can connect with us via our presence on social networks, visit our feedback page, or simply give your rep or our support a call.

Happy Holidays from the entire ClearDent team!

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