Monday, December 10, 2012

ClearDent Tip of the Day #4: How to Check Electronic Response

More and more insurance companies are sending electronic responses via CDAnet and ITRANS to dental offices.  These responses are typically for claims that could not be adjudicated in real time because they are more complex or require supporting documentations such as x-rays, lab invoices, etc.

In ClearDent, when you send a claim and the "Status" field in the Claim Acknowledge response reads "Held - Electronic Response Will Be Sent Back Electronically," you can use the feature "Request for Outstanding Transaction" a few days later (usually the next business day; sometime the next week) to get the response after it has been reviewed by the insurance company.  This way, you will know if a claim that was not adjudicated at the time of submission will be paid or not sooner.

Also, the response may contain further instructions to help you get the claims adjudicated quicker.  To check:

1. Go to Transaction > EDI Manager
2. Go to Wizard 

3. Then select > check mailbox for outstanding transactions and CDAnet emails* 

4. On the next screen, you will need to select proper provider for CDAnet Emails and CDAnet Network. We will select itrans in this case and click Next. 

5. Once you click Next, it will connect to itrans (EDI) and will download outstanding responses from Insurance agencies. It might take some time to download all the responses.

6. Once it downloads all the responses, you will see a screen like this with responses from insurance agencies below. You will be able to see information such as number of responses and if it was rejected or accepted. We would suggest to check every day for outstanding Email/EDI response from itrans to keep your office up to date. 

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