Friday, November 2, 2012

Increase Your Bottom Line with Digital Dental Records

Are you reluctant to switch to fully paperless or digital? Do you think the traditional way of   keeping records is more cost effective?

The article on Dental Economics presents a different perspective. 

The hidden costs from Dental Economics

There are five major advantages of switching to digital dental records.

1. Less Storage Cost
2. Save Printing & Mailing Cost
3. Increase Staff Productivity
4. Radiography: No More Films and Reduction in Radiation Dose to Patients
5. Time Savings
The hidden costs from Dental Economics
"Looking at the big picture, it becomes obvious that maintaining the traditional dental chart is not free. In fact, it is very costly. ... looking strictly at the dollars and cents as outlined in the table should give you a new perspective on the long–term investment in your practice. Plug your own numbers into the table and see what you're leaving on the table."
To read more about the study, here is the Dental Economics website:

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