Friday, October 19, 2012

ClearDent Tip of the Day #2: Ledger Questions

I can’t delete a payment from a ledger even though I have the backdating rights enabled, why?

Once payments are deposited, you cannot just remove them from the ledger, you first need to reverse the bank deposit for that day.  To reverse the Bank Deposit go to the main screen of ClearDent and go to Transaction – Bank deposit.  Click on the History button.  Find the date that the payment was originally deposited, select that date, and click on the Reverse button.


You can now delete the original payment on the ledger.  After it is deleted, remember that you need to redeposit the bank deposit for that day again.

How do I change the date format of the ledger?

Sometimes you may want to change the way the date is displayed on the ledger.  Some people prefer dd/mm/yy while others may prefer mmm/dd/yyyy.  Whatever your preference is you can set that accordingly by changing the Regional and Language Options in Windows.

From the start menu in windows go to Control Panel and then select the Regional and Language Options.


Click on the Customize button and then in the short date format field type in the date format of your choice and click the Apply button.


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