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ClearDent Quarterly Newsletter - September 2012 Issue

ClearDent, Sinclair Dental, and Dental Management Secret Present

“Best of Both Worlds” Seminar in Fabulous Las Vegas! (12 CE Credits)

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Win a FREE trip for 2 for the flight, hotel, and the tuition!
We’re very delighted to have the opportunity to work in collaboration with Sinclair Dental and Dental Management Secrets to bring you a seminar in Las Vegas this November 15th and 16th – featuring Keynote Speaker Dr. Tobin Bellamy, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

The event places focus on digital dentistry, management, and clinical excellence.  On day 1, we will discuss the software (ClearDent), the hardware (hi-tech dental equipment), and the management processes (automate your management and workflow to maximize return-on-investment).  ClearDent is grateful to have Lynn Nadin from Sinclair Dental, who has over 15 years of experience in hi-tech dental equipment and was instrumental in bringing the first digital sensors to Western Canada, to share her knowledge on important criteria to consider in choosing digital sensors, phosphor plates, intraoral cameras, pan/ceph, and CBCT.

Also, Craig Hayes, who has over 15 years experience in business management and currently manages a 10 million+ practice with 11 dentists and 50 staff in Calgary, Alberta, will be present to share his insights on how he is able to trim the administrative cost and grow the practice from 6 million to 10 million+ in just 3 years.

If you already have implemented paperless and digital with ClearDent, you will still take away essential knowledge on day 1 as we’ll be discussing in-depth on the topics of paperless and digital, which you are likely to learn something you didn’t know before.  More importantly, we’ve carefully structured the course so it’s more than just computer software and hi-tech dental hardware; it includes a business management component as well.

On day 2, we are glad to have Dr. Bellamy as the keynote speaker where he will discuss Oral and Implant Surgery.  It’s going to a fast-paced lecture, but afterwards, you will be able to discuss and understand:

  • Common complications in oral surgery including; bleeding, sinus exposure management, infections and dry socket treatments.
  • Pain and antibiotic management of the surgical patient
  • Common procedures and products for ridge preservation
  • Common hard tissue procedures including use of a piezoelectric device
Dr. Bellamy’s course is designed so that you will be more relaxed returning to work next week, and be able to enjoy oral and implant surgery, one of the most satisfying aspects in dentistry.

As a customer appreciation, 2 lucky winners will have the tuition waived and receive a $1,300 VISA gift card to pay for the flight and hotel to the course if registered on or before October 31st.  We will make the draw on November 5th.

Better yet, get your name entered twice if you refer a colleague to book an in-office ClearDent presentation on or before October 31st!

Visit http://cleardent.com/lv/ for more information about the course, or give us a call to learn more and refer a colleague to increase your chance to win the FREE trip to Las Vegas!

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Unable to Send Electronic Claims Using Itrans

I can’t send electronic claims, I keep getting an error that says “network related….in a timely manner”, how do I fix this?

The first thing you want to do is to check to see if the ITRANS program is running. Although you can send electronic claims from any computer within the office, only one computer in the office actually has the ITRANS program installed on it. To find out which computer in the office has ITRANS installed go to the main screen of ClearDent and go to System>Configurations>Configure Practice Information. When the office Information window opens click on the EDI tab and then look at what it says for Computer Name. That will be the computer you need to go to in order to see if ITRANS is running.

Once you’ve identified which computer has ITRANS installed go to that computer and then look in the bottom right corner of the screen in windows to see if the ITRANS program is running, the icon will display as shown below highlighted in red. If you do not see this icon then look for the ITRANS program icon on your desktop and double click on it to run it.


Another reason you may not see the ITRANS program running is because it may be configured to run as a windows service.  To see if this is the case then from that same computer that ITRANS is installed on go to the start menu in windows and type “services.msc” and then look for the service name ICAService and make sure the status says “Started”.

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Ledger Questions

I can’t delete a payment from a ledger even though I have the backdating rights enabled, why?

Once payments are deposited, you cannot just remove them from the ledger, you first need to reverse the bank deposit for that day.  To reverse the Bank Deposit go to the main screen of ClearDent and go to Transaction – Bank deposit.  Click on the History button.  Find the date that the payment was originally deposited, select that date, and click on the Reverse button.


You can now delete the original payment on the ledger.  After it is deleted, remember that you need to redeposit the bank deposit for that day again.

How do I change the date format of the ledger?

Sometimes you may want to change the way the date is displayed on the ledger.  Some people prefer dd/mm/yy while others may prefer mmm/dd/yyyy.  Whatever your preference is you can set that accordingly by changing the Regional and Language Options in Windows.

From the start menu in windows go to Control Panel and then select the Regional and Language Options.


Click on the Customize button and then in the short date format field type in the date format of your choice and click the Apply button.

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