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ClearDent Quartely Newsletter – June

ClearConnect - Proven Results in Improving Practice Efficiency

“The reception staff are tickled with the ClearConnect system – they believe it saves about three hours a day on recall and appointment reminders.”
– Bablitz Dentistry, Ottawa ON

ClearConnect is an automated patient communications solution that sends email, text, or voice calls to your patients. A significant difference between ClearConnect versus other communication systems on the market is its ability to update your ClearDent database with full contact history on its own. In other words, if a patient confirms an appointment via ClearConnect, the appointment in your ClearDent will be marked as “confirmed” automatically and the date, time, and method of confirmation (via phone, text, or email) will be recorded in the patient’s contact history. No more reading a report and manually updating your appointment book in ClearDent! 

But there is more! ClearConnect is built by the same team that brought you ClearDent, and because of that, the two systems are literally made for each other. ClearConnect is able to do more than just appointment confirmations. You can use to automate:

  • Recall reminders – helps patients stay current with their recalls.
  • Treatment Plan reminders – automatically sends reminders to patients reminding them to book their outstanding treatment plan when the pre-authorization have came back from the insurance.
  • Overdue account collection notice – let the system do the “financial follow up” for you.
  • Greetings – automatically sends new patient greetings and birthday greetings to your new and current patients.
  • Marketing and Promotion – have a promotion? Let ClearConnect deliver the message to your patients quickly and easily.

Since its debut in early last year, we have listened carefully to your feedback and implemented many new features. One feature that has shown to improve the  effectiveness significantly is the ability to use your own voice in the ClearConnect voice calls. It’s the voice familiar to the patients, and patients therefore respond more positively.

For more information about ClearConnect, please contact your representative or call 1-866-253-2748 x 1 to discuss today!
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Voice Activated Periodontal Probing

headset"Voice Perio Charting from Cleardent has quickly become a tool that our hygienists cannot live without"
- Rideau Dental Centre, Ottawa ON

ClearDent’s Charting is an essential module that helps dental practices “go paperless.” However, one of the features in Charting that we’d like do a special mention is ClearDent’s voice activated periodontal probing. When used correctly, it will:

  • Streamline the probing process
  • Ensure better accuracy
  • Engage the patient
Often, we get asked if the main purpose of voice activated periodontal probing is to  make the probing faster. Yes, but it’s one of the main reasons. Majority of our users utilizing the voice feature tell us their best pleasant surprise is the increase in patient engagement. 

When a patient sees a hygienist doing probing using the voice recognition, the patient’s attention is immediately intrigued because of this leading edge technology. Also, the fact that the periodontal chart is now much more visual as it’s on the computer screen that patient can see, patient would then begin asking questions such as “why is this number
red?” and therefore become more aware of the overall oral health and the importance of oral hygiene.

In essence, ClearDent’s voice activated periodontal probing not only helps the hygienists in streamlining the probing process, but also is a better tool in delivering patient education and thereby a better patient care.

To use the feature successfully, the only requirement is the use of a quality headset. The computer’s ear is the headset you install, and a good noise cancelling microphone means the computer can hear you properly. The two headsets that we have had great success are:

  • Logitech G330 and H760
  • theBoom “C”

To find out more on how voice activated periodontal probing works, please contact your representative or call 1-866-253-2748 x 1.
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Suggestions and Tips from Your ClearDent Support Team

  1. How to do Credit Transfers in the Ledger
    Scenario A:
    If there is a balance on one transaction and a credit on the other, you can click on add – patient payment (or insurance 
    payment) – set manual enter to 0 – click Allocate – Ok. This will make two credit transfer lines that remove the credit 
    and then add it again on the other transaction.
    insurance payment
    In the above example, you can see it took the credit from Claim 317 and applied it to the first procedure of Claim 319.

    Scenario B:

    Looking at the Insurance AR, it says that there is an insurance balance but when you look at the patient’s running balance on the ledger, it says that there is $0 outstanding. This can happen when there is a credit on one carrier and a balance on the other within the same transaction. To fix this go to the patient and look for any transaction that is still in red but doesn't have an outstanding amount.
    ledger 2
    Looking at the above screenshot you can see that the two claim lines within this transaction. The balance on the Sun Life claim line says  $-113.16" and the balance for National Life says "$113.16". If we look at the Insurance payment 
    line, we can see that Sun Life paid the full amount, but the balance for the claim is for National Life. In order to correct this, we need to transfer the remaining credit from the Sun Life claim to the National Life claim.
    Click on Add – Adjustment. That will bring up the adjustment screen; set the Type to "Transfer Credit From Ins to Ins" – Select Sun Life Insurance in "From Ins" - click on Adjust All – Ok. This will add two adjustment lines transferring from one carrier to another. The Claim lines will now have a balance of 0 and if you check the Insurance AR report again, that patient will no longer show up.
  2. Making Changes for ClearDent Users that have Limited User Rights
    Please be advised that if you are calling ClearDent Support to assist with making changes to a patient’s ledger then the caller must ensure they have the applicable user rights to do so. If the caller wants to make changes to the ledger such as backdating or modifying  transactions and they do not have the user rights to do so themselves, then we must get the permission of the owner of the practice or have them ask someone else within the practice that has rights to login to ClearDent under their username.
  3. Using Adjustments to Correct Misapplied Payments
    Let’s say a user enters a payment on the wrong patient’s account. You can use the adjustment function to correct this. The first thing you do is go the file where the payment was incorrectly applied and click add>adjustment and in the adjustment window select the type “Reverse Patient Payment” or “Reverse Insurance Payment” (whichever one is applicable). Make sure the option for “Affect Today’s Deposit” is checked.

    Once this is done you simply then go to the file of the person who the payment should have gone to and add a new payment for that same amount you just previously adjusted. This is how it will appear on their bank deposit.
    bank deposit slip
  4. ClearDent Training Video Access
    As a reminder, you can access our training videos at no cost. It’s a great tool to refresh your knowledge, to help new staff learn ClearDent and get up-to-speed quicker, and to explore new features in the new version.
    Please note that the training videos are complimentary to ClearDent customers and we kindly ask you not to share the username and password with other dental practices.
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ClearDent 2012 Support Survey

Please let us know how we are doing and provide us your valuable feedback that will help us improve. To  provide us your feedback online about our Support Performance, please visit
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