Thursday, July 7, 2011

Managing your ClearVault backup

Managing your ClearVault backup monthly cost is easy
ClearVault literally backs up anything you chose in your office. However, because ClearVault is a usage based service, the cost will increase proportionally with the amount of data you backup. The increase in cost varies based on the size of the practice, as the larger the practice, the more data that will be generated from day to day use. If at any time you want to bring down the cost (as the backup size accumulates over time) you can contact us to change the backup policy you have chosen. For example, you may chose to take some of the old archives out of ClearVault and place them in an USB drive. Keep the USB drive somewhere safe, ClearVault still backs up your current data securely, and you have just reduced the cost of ClearVault.
The changes in backup policy will immediately reflect in the next billing cycle.