Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inventory Management: small add-on, big difference

Manage your inventory with ease
ClearDent’s inventory manager is an optional module that turns your storeroom into a mini-Walmart. Using a handheld barcode scanner all inventory items from a box of gloves to a single implant can quickly and easily be scanned in or out. This allows you to instantly track current stock, reorder points, minimums/maximums, usage, print orders, and even track pricing from suppliers. For multiple location practices real time reports let you move stock between locations. Call your account manager for more information at 1-866-253-2748 or e-mail

Refresh your office this summer season!

Upgrade your office’s ClearDent proficiency
Staff changes in a dental office combined with new versions, feature enhancements, and updates from ClearDent mean that your office may be missing out on great features that can make your life easier. Refresh and enhancement training is available for all aspects of ClearDent from the financials, reporting, scheduling, recalls, insurance tracking, to clinical imaging and charting for $125 per hour with a 4 hour minimum and any applicable travel charge. A good rule of thumb for all offices is to budget for an additional &frac12 day to full of training every 18-24 months or following key staff turnover.

Training refreshers are available directly from ClearDent and can be booked by calling your account manager at 1-866-253-2748.

For offices located in BC, we are also proud to introduce Judy Chan who specializes in refresh training and consulting. Judy has been working with ClearDent since 2007 as one of our senior implementation specialists to train and consult with ClearDent clients ensuring they have the most productive practices possible. Her two most valuable assets – experience as a dental receptionist instructor for Continuing Education of Richmond School Board included with over 15 years of experience in practice management consulting, make it easy for her to provide ClearDent clients with the help they need both with software as well as process. Call ClearDent at 1-866-253-2748 for more information or to book your session with Judy now.

Managing your ClearVault backup

Managing your ClearVault backup monthly cost is easy
ClearVault literally backs up anything you chose in your office. However, because ClearVault is a usage based service, the cost will increase proportionally with the amount of data you backup. The increase in cost varies based on the size of the practice, as the larger the practice, the more data that will be generated from day to day use. If at any time you want to bring down the cost (as the backup size accumulates over time) you can contact us to change the backup policy you have chosen. For example, you may chose to take some of the old archives out of ClearVault and place them in an USB drive. Keep the USB drive somewhere safe, ClearVault still backs up your current data securely, and you have just reduced the cost of ClearVault.
The changes in backup policy will immediately reflect in the next billing cycle.