Thursday, February 17, 2011

**IMPORTANT** Regarding Bulk Insurance Cheques from Pacific Blue Cross and Ministry of Social Services

Effective immediately, all bulk cheques sent out by Pacific Blue Cross will also contain payments for Ministry of Social Service patients.

Below is a guide on how to enter bulk insurance payments for Ministry patients.
1) Create the Bulk Cheque as you normally would under Pacific Blue Cross and then pull up the name of a patient that has an insurance balance under Ministry (MSSH) of Social Services.
Bulk Payment 1
When the payment window appears, click the dropdown arrow by the “Carrier” field and select MSSH
Bulk Payment 3
Allocate the amount of the payment for the patient and click ok.
Bulk Payment 4
If you go to the patient’s ledger you will see that even though their insurance was MSSH the Bulk Payment will still show up correctly as Pacific Blue Cross.
Bulk Payment 5