Saturday, December 25, 2010

Giving back to the community together

Every business likes to attract visitors to its booth at a tradeshow, and ClearDent is no exception. Your visit to our booth helps create a positive vibe and ambience. The entire tradeshow experience becomes more fun, more engaging, and lets us connect with each other. We learn about what you are looking for, and you learn more about what we can deliver.

At ClearDent, we like to do things a bit differently. Over the second half of 2010, instead of giving away prizes that people may not find useful, we have been making a donation for each ballot filled out by visitors. The information on the ballot is kept confidential, and visitors will not be contacted unless explicitly requested.

To-date, we have donated to the following registered charitable organizations that are dedicated to the betterment of less privileged individuals:
We sincerely invite you to join our cause by visiting our booth at tradeshows and completing a ballot. All it takes is a quick visit! We look forward to see you in the near future.