Thursday, July 22, 2010

What’s New in ClearDent Version 8

ClearDent User Account Limit Based On Active/Inactive Status

In earlier versions of ClearDent, once a user has been added, it cannot be removed so the system can keep the audit trail authentic. As a result, you would not be able to add additional new users into the system in order to replace old users that were no longer working for the office.
Now all you have to do is select the user that is no longer working for your office and press the "Modify" button and click the checkbox option for 'Inactive User'. With this option selected, the user will no longer be able to login and when you add the new user into the system it will not count as an additional user license being in use and the audit trail is still authentic.

Grant Specific Users the Right to Remove Entries in the Contact History

Previously, all users had permission to remove a contact history from a patients file. This is now a security privilege that can be granted on a per user basis. To activate this feature within a users profile do the following:
1. Open the User Management screen by clicking System -> Configurations -> System Users
2. Select a user account and click the Modify button to open the User Setup Screen
3. Click "X" icon in User Type so that the type is listed as 'Custom'
4. In the User Rights list box, enable or disable the Remove Contact History check-box as appropriate.
When a user account has the rights to "Remove Contact History," they will be allowed to remove a contact history from the patient's "Contact" tab, as well as the "Modify Appointment" and "Recall Detail" screens. If a user does not have the rights to remove contact history they will be given an error message that says, "You do not have enough rights to perform this action"

Show Warning When Users Backup to the C: Drive

The point of doing a backup is to get your patient data off the server as a precaution against a worse case scenario. Consequently, we generally do not want to save the backup file to the C: drive, or any other 'local drive' (storage inside the server.) ClearDent will now warn you if attempting to save a backup to a local drive.
From the ClearDent Home screen select System -> Backup -> Backup Database and select a backup path in Location field that is on the C: drive
If the backup location is on a local disk the following warning will appear:

Link to Medical History from Scheduler

In addition to a Medical Warning icon being displayed in the appointment, you can now jump directly to the patient's Medical History from the Scheduler. This will save you time from having to first go into the patient's file and then clicking on the medical tab to access their medical history.
1. Open the Scheduler and select a appointment
2. Right-click on the appointment and select the "View Medical History" option in the menu
Alternatively, you can click the clip_image014 button in the top-right of Scheduler. Both of these options will open the patients Medical History.

Family Appointment Confirmation

It is now possible to view and confirm all future appointments within a given family from one screen. This will save you time from having to confirm each family member's appointment separately.
To use this feature the "Family Appointment Confirmation" option must first be enabled in the "Schedule Settings" window.
In the scheduler right click on the patient's appointment and select the "Confirm Appointment" option, a new window titled "Future Appointments for that patient will open. From this screen, the user can confirm all future family appointments.

Post from the Treatment Plan to a Transaction of the Users Choice.

You can now post items from the Treatment Plan to any transaction on the ledger. Previously you could only post items from the Treatment Plan to either a new transaction in the ledger or only to a certain transaction in the ledger.

Fast user switching

Previously, to change the user in ClearDent you would have to logoff and sign back in. The new 'Switch User' feature saves the time of having to load ClearDent again.
In the ClearDent main window, click on the "Application" menu and select the "Switch User" option.
The "Switch User" window will be displayed. Enter the account name and password you would like to change to and press "Ok". ClearDent is now logged in under the new username.

Recycle Bin for Deleted Images in ClearDent

This feature will allow a user to retrieve images if they are deleted by accident.
When images are deleted from ClearDent they will moved to the following folder on the server:
"C:\Program Files\Prococious Technology Inc\ClearDent\Images\DelImages\<patientID>"
If an image is deleted by accident it can be recovered from this location.

Dropdown Box to Include Referral Doctor's List When Emailing Referral Letters

In the Email Document window there previously only used to be a dropdown option for emailing a document to patients. Now there is a dropdown option for emailing to referring doctors.

Copy of E-mail Reminders Kept in Contact History

This new feature will keep a record that an e-mail reminder for an Appointment or Recall has been sent. With this feature you will also be able to see what was exactly sent to the patient as well.

Jump to a patients ledger from the Accounts Receivable reports

When you are viewing the A/R reports, double clicking on any patients name will open up that patient's ledger.

Search for missing progress notes after a certain time period

In earlier versions of ClearDent the missing progress notes tool only displayed patients who had no progress notes ever. With the new date filter you can generate a list of patients missing progress notes after any given time. For example, if we set the date filter to 12/31/2005, then the resulting search will list all patients who have not had any progress notes entered since the end of 2005.

Appointment Book has a white background when printed out

Previously the printout of the appointment book had a grey shaded background. Now the printout has a white background that saves ink and is easier to write on.

Open the Patient Search window with the F2 key

In earlier versions of ClearDent, pressing the F2 key would open the Patient Search window only when you were in the ClearDent home-screen. This keyboard shortcut is now also available from the Scheduler area of ClearDent.

Disable printing future appointment dates on statements and receipts

ClearDent now has an option to not include any future appointment information on a patient's receipts/statements.

Multiple colours for the Write and Highlight tools in Charting

Previously the Write and Highlight tools in Charting only had a single colour. There is now a dropdown box beneath each tool that will allow you to select different colours for each.

Store printed predetermination forms as attachments

This new feature, when enabled, will save a pdf copy of any printed predetermination forms in the patients Document section of their file. This will allow for easy tracking of anything submitted manually for a predetermination. To turn this feature on click on System -> Customize -> Patient Default Values and click on the check mark beside 'Store printed predetermination forms as attachments.' in the lower left hand corner.

New information options to display on an appointment

New options have been added to the information that you can display on an appointment. In the schedule settings you can choose to show Provider 1 and 2, Preferred Provider, Preferred Hygienist as well as options for how you would like the patients name to be displayed.

Block Scheduling included on the printout of the Appointment Book

Previously the appointment book printout did not display the block scheduling that shows a providers work schedule onscreen. This is now included in this version of ClearDent.

Visual cue if a patient is booked multiple times on the same day

This new feature, if enabled, will highlight multiple appointments booked for a patient on the same day. This setting can be enabled by starting in the Scheduler and clicking Setting -> Schedule Setting -> Other and placing a checkmark beside the box labeled 'Border Colour For Pat With Multi Appt'. If you highlight a patient's appointment now, and they have another appointment on the same day, both appointments will be highlighted, as shown below:

Search for Treatment Plans that contain a particular procedure code

A new filter has been added to the search options in the Treatment Plan Manager. Using the procedure code search field, you can search for plans that contain any given procedure code. In the example below, only plans that contain procedure code 00011 will be included in the search results.

Optio 3.0 Integration

The newest version of ClearDent allows for integration with version 3.0 of Optio's patient education software.

Spell Check Improvements in ClearWrite

The spell checker in ClearWrite will now ignore text that is imported into a template from the patient's personal file. This will prevent the spell checker from finding 'mistakes' in the spelling of names, postal codes, etc.

Deductible Calculation

A few insurance carriers have a different way of calculating the patient's deductible than most other carriers. ClearDent now has the option to specify how each carrier's deductible costs should be calculated.

Backup Reminder

ClearDent will now display a warning if a backup has not been performed in more than 7 days. If you have an automated backup system, such as ClearVault, this warning can be disabled.

Modify the price for a group of codes in a fee schedule

The price adjustment tool in ClearDent previously applied to the entire fee schedule; you could choose to raise prices by 5% for example, but that would raise the price on ALL codes. Now you can specify which code range the price change should apply to, leaving the other prices untouched. For example:
When these adjustments are applied, only the two exams will have increased in price:

New display options in the digital imaging slideshow

The slideshow has several new features, including image rotation, the option to change the background colour from black to white, and tooth number and modality labels.

Friday, July 2, 2010

ClearDent Updates

Did you know that ClearDent version updates are always free and can easily be done by connecting us to your computers?

The current version of ClearDent is 7.2.110. All you have to do is to call us and to coordinate the update so that it would fit your working schedule since you will not be able to use the computers during the update.
Please note that we are planning a release of the new version of ClearDent (v8) in September.  This release will include lots of new features and enhancements that have been requested by our customers.