Friday, January 22, 2010

Why do the Accounts Receivables number keep changing each month?

You may notice from time to time when reviewing previous month end reports that your Accounts Receivables numbers are different from the last time you viewed them for that same month. 

For example, On January 1st, 2010 you decided to print off your Month End for December and your Accounts Receivable amount was $100,000.  Then on January 15, 2010 you decide to re-run the Month End for December and now your Accounts Receivable amount is $80,000.  Why are the numbers different you ask?

Backdating.  In ClearDent if you allow users to Backdate payments and transactions THIS WILL CAUSE YOUR PREVIOUS DAY AND MONTH END NUMBERS TO CHANGE.  In order to avoid this please disable all backdating rights from users other then the office manager or dentist.  If you do need to backdate for whatever reason then do realize that you will need to re-run that particular day end and month end report for that period as well.