Monday, November 16, 2009

Searching for a different patient when you already have a file open

All patient files in ClearDent have a handy shortcut built in that allows you to quickly change to a different patient file without having to return to the Schedule or the main screen of ClearDent to open a new search box.

Pressing the Search button at the bottom of the patients file will open up the search field that is displayed in the titlebar.  This search area works just the same as the find patient tool; the drop down area will show the whole list of patients, the up arrow will display the list of patients that have been opened recently and the magnifying glass will open the advanced patient search window.  Once you have the name entered of the new patient entered and you press enter their file will be displayed.  This shortcut will save you from opening up lots of patient files simultaneously which can become cumbersome to search through.