Friday, November 20, 2009

Changing to the Default View in The Ledger

Oftentimes you may have cause to alter how the columns are displayed in the ledger; sometimes data that has been entered takes up more space than is shown by default.  After changing these settings to find the information you needed you will probably want to switch back to the column widths that ClearDent's ledger normally displays.  You only need two easy clicks to do this.  From the ledger, click on the Layout button in the bottom left hand corner.  Then press the Open button. That's it; the ledger will have reverted to it's default display format.  When you press the Layout button, four files will be displayed.  The detailed transaction view is what will be initially selected (the default layout) but you can change to any of the other options as well; each displays the ledger in a different manner that you may find beneficial from time to time.  If you switch to an alternative view you can always go back to the default view by pressing Layout and then Open again.