Tuesday, June 16, 2009

High Speed Internet Alternatives

High Speed Internet (HSI) is a great resource at any practice. It enables you to do EDI claim submissions in the quickest time possible, send emails to patients or other practices, receive updates to ClearDent as soon as they are released and receive assistance from our support team in the most efficient way possible. The most common ways of getting HSI are DSL from your phone company or cable internet. Sometimes however these options may not be available due to the location of your office. Mobile HSI is offered by Bell, Rogers and Telus now and it may be the solution your office is looking for.

There are two kinds of mobile technology; 3G and Portable (WiMAX) Internet. Each has a different coverage area, with 3G being available in more remote locations. The coverage area for Bell's 3G network can be viewed here and Rogers Portable Internet coverage can be viewed here.
Portable Internet can be connected to a router, thereby providing Internet to each of your workstations, while 3G is limited to use on a single computer. Each technology has a price plan around $30/month.