Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Backup Tips

Performing a backup of your ClearDent database is an important daily activity. Something that is very easy to overlook but very important to creating a successful backup is the 'location' of your backup files. You always want to ensure that you are saving the backup to a non-local location (NOT the computers internal hard drive.) When the "Backup Database" window opens, the location that has been chosen to save the backup will be displayed. It will start with the driver letter indicating where the backup will go (ie. 'E:\' or 'G:\'.) C:\ and D:\ are almost always local computer hard drives and would NOT be appropriate locations to store the backup. If you need to change the location of the backup click on the ellipses ('...') to the right of the location field and the 'Save As' window will load allowing you to pick the proper locations for your backup (external hard drive or USB key.)

Another good backup practice is to check the Backup Logs periodically (at the end of every month) to ensure that the daily backup is being performed successfully. To view the logs, go to the System menu, Backup and choose View Backup/Restore Logs. The date, ClearDent login name that performed the backup, what workstation it was done from and a message whether the backup/restore was successful will be listed here. You can use these logs occasionally to verify that a successful backup is being created when it should be.

If you have High Speed Internet then using our ClearVault system may better suit your backup needs. ClearVault is a fully automated program that will backup your ClearDent database and any other files you would like and then securely transmits them to our off site data centre. For more details about ClearVault please speak to your Prococious Sales Representative.