Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's New in ClearDent Version 7?

Unsigned Clinical Notes Report

Optio Integration

Click on "Optio" icon in Charting will bring up Optio software

Full Digital Signature Pad Support

You can now sign notes, medical history, documents, and other items with tablet digitizer. ClearDent™ recommends Wacom Tablets or regular Tablet PC.

Class I-VI Restoration and Caries

  1. Open Tooth Drawing function in the Setting. Click on the "OK" button to enable GV-Black Tooth Drawing.

  2. In charting, click on any tooth with treatment (Filling, Restores and Carries).You will find a GV-Black icon besides this tooth.

  3. Click on the GV-Black icon to enter GV-black tooth drawing.

  4. You can find the GV-Black form showed up. Only procedure of Filling , Restores and Carries will show up in the GV-Black tooth drawing form.

  5. Click on the parts of tooth and you’ll see the drawing on the left-top side.

  6. After the drawing is completed, just click the ok button. The drawing will apply to the current tooth.

Custom Exam

This new function allows ClearDent to digitally create any form and track the history. This function is ideal for dental offices that perform additional exams such as soft tissue (e.g., VELSCOPE for oral cancer screening)

Generate AR using Process Date

  1. Select the Age By Service Date button.

  2. If you select this button on AR report, the AR will be filtered according to service date.

  3. If you select this button on AR report, the AR will be filtered according to process date. This AR report will be the same with Day End report.

AR Report Filters Held Payment

  1. Select the All A/R menu item

  2. Select the Exclude Held Pmt >= Bal check box

  3. Now , all the ARs with a held payment will disappear from the list.

AR by Aux Report

  1. In AR report, you can generate this report filtered with Auxiliaries.

Any Appointment Status Can Be Customized to Flash

  1. In Scheduler, ClearDent™ now allows flashing of different appointment status so that you can easily distinguish and recognize appointments.

  2. In Scheduler, click Setting Button on the top and select Schedule Setting

  3. In Status Tab, select color for the appointment status you want, check the "Flash" checkbox, set the flash timing and then click OK.

  4. In Other Tab, set "Appt Back Color" and "Appt Border Color" to "Status" and then click OK.

Scheduler's Book Next Recall Workflow Improvement

  1. From Scheduler , right-click to book one patient’s recall.

  2. Select the Book Next Recall menu item

  3. The Book Next Recall window opens, click the Book button

  4. You can check one or more recalls from "Patient recall(s)" and click on "Book" to book the checked recalls into one appointment.

  5. Bottom grid shows all family recalls. You can add/modify/remove the selected family recall from here.

Batch Email Confirmation for appointments

  1. Appointment Reminder window opened.

  2. Click the Email button.

  3. You will find one question brought up to ask if you like to email appointment reminders to patients. Click the Yes button.

  4. The Email Template window opened.

  5. Users can change contents here.

  6. Press send button to send your appointment reminder email

Improved Medical Warning System

The Medical history can be managed by date. You can select the date and see the medical history.

To Add a new medical history click "Add" to open the "Medical Template Manage", then Select the description and click "Select".

To sign the medical history click "Sign" button to sign the medical history, select "Patient" or "Provider" to do patient’s signature or provider's, at this point Digital Signature panel will show up. You can do signing here.

Next Appointment Date on Receipt/Statement

  1. Select Patient Default Values from Customize

  2. Select one of the four appointment date options in Billing/Tr. Plan tab

  3. Go to patient’s Ledger tab, click the Print button and select Receipt/Statement

Staff time tracking

In the manage all staff form, click "Add" button to add one new staff member.

Add one salary setting.

Punch in Time Sheet.

User Login is Now Audited

ClearDent™ News

By clicking the icon in ClearDent™ main screen, you will be see a list of news and announcements from ClearDent™.

More New Features…

There are other new features that we haven’t had a chance to mention here. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us at 1.866.253.2748 and speak to your sales representative.