Friday, April 24, 2009

Why does a patients recall not update? (Part 1: Linking recall types)

You are at the end of the billing wizard and notice that the patients recall is not updated.

New recall types that have been added to ClearDent are not linked with treatment codes and appointment types.

After you have added a new recall type, make sure you configure recall procedure codes (i.e. a recall exam, scaling, polishing and fluorides) to link with the new recall type. Do this by going to 'System' > 'Configurations' > 'Procedure Codes'. The new recall type should also be linked with the appropriate appointment types. You configure this settings under 'System' > 'Customize' > 'Appointment Types'

Why was my email not received?


Sometimes you may want to send images, receipts, statements or some other document to the patient or another recipient and the other party tells you that they didn't receive an email.

There are two different reasons why this could happen:
  1. The recipients mail server filter configuration is set to a high security level
  2. ClearDent is not configured to send email
First - try sending something to your own email address. If this is successful, confirm the email address you are sending to and advise the recipient to check their Junk Mail Folder. Their server may be interpreting your message as junk by mistake if the security is set to a high level
Second - make sure that ClearDent is configured for the outgoing email server of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) along with your email address. To do so, follow these simple steps:
  1. Open ClearDent (sign in with a user that has permission to configure the system)
  2. Go to 'System' > 'Configurations' > 'Practice Information'
  3. In the 'email' field type your email address
  4. In the 'SMTP' field type the name of your outgoing email server
  5. Leave the other fields untouched unless your ISP requires alternate configuration
You can contact your ISP to determine what your outgoing email settings should be. Alternatively you can copy these settings from the outgoing mail server configuration of your email program

Why do I have so many different appointment types that are duplicates?

When creating a new appointment you have to choose an 'Appointment Type.' Sometimes you may see more types than are necessary. For example there is a '6mnth', '6mon', 6M, and '6 month' appointment type when just one of these would suffice.
Explanation:The '+' button was probably pressed, which creates a new appointment type instead of selecting one of the already existing types.
You will want to merge the duplicate types into a single type.
  1. From the main screen of ClearDent go to the 'System' icon or menu, select 'Customize', then choose 'Appointment Types.'
  2. All of the appointment types will be listed here. While holding down the 'Ctrl' key on the keyboard use the mouse to select the duplicates. They will show highlighted in blue.
  3. Click the 'Merge' button. A window will popup that will allow you to choose what the appointment type will be named. Select the wording/spelling you prefer from the drop down list and press 'Ok.'
  4. A warning will display making sure you want to combine the types you have chosen into one type. Press 'Ok' again and you are done.
In addition to being redundant, having multiple appointment types that are the same may make it seem that the recall system is not updating correctly. You could have the 'Recall Exam' appointment type associated with the correct recalls, but the 'RecallEx' type might not have the proper recall associations and therefore not update the recall system appropriately.